Nugget Assignment 3

“Here is how people operate, we make time to do things that are important to us.

The Question Should Be: Why are you not Blogging

This is a statement I have always disagreed with. This article isn’t likely to be the last place I see it either. The concept that we just magically make time to do the things that are important to us is silly. First of all, people have day-to-day obligations, which include doing somethings that aren’t important to us but we have to do anyway. Habits too, good and bad, aren’t meaningful or important to us unless your a person who is comforted by routine. If we all made time to only do the things important to us, there would be a lot more writers, artists, and travelers. They wouldn’t necessarily be good at it, but there would be more of them.

People often don’t do things that they feel are important to them because they are sometimes just too tired from the daily obligations and habits. They come home from work, likely stressed out or bored, and decide to relax by watching some TV or surfing the web. Do they have a great idea for a book or a painting? They might, but they are too worn out to motivate themselves, or they feel overwhelmed by everything going on and don’t know where to start.

Even I have fallen prey to this. I am notoriously lazy and have a hard time motivating myself into action sometimes. In fact, I’ve recently fallen into quite the rut because I have a lot to do and am unsure where to start, but since these things I need to do aren’t 100% urgent another part of my mind keeps telling me to relax and enjoy my free time. What happens is I get nothing done either way and just end up stressing myself out while trying to relax or get my butt in gear.

I know I’ll get out of this rut like I always do, but some people feel too weighted down and feel like they can’t escape. So, do we really make time for the important things? Or do we do the things others tell us are important and are never get taught how to take time for ourselves?

On a lighter note, I’ll be posting another short story later today, so stick around. And remember to Keep it Reel!

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