Trivia: Jacob’s Lucky he Didn’t Have to Wrestle any of These Angels

So, after yesterday’s trivia about the angel Gabriel, I got curious about the expanded angelic lore of Judeo-Christian-Islamic mythology. I’ve skimmed through it a couple of times before and even that experience led to some weird discoveries. This time however, I stumbled across somethings that made my jaw drop several times.

I’m sure we’ve all heard the generic description of supernatural beings so tall that their head (or heads in Typhon’s case) reached the heavens. Well, not only are several angels that tall (Israfil), but some angels are even taller and are given exact heights. Doing some basic calculating and guess-timating I’ve converted the older forms of measure to modern ones. This is gonna be a little longer than my other trivia posts. Let’s get to it!

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Second Nugget Assignment

“Number 12–The web has unleashed a wave of human creativity

Before the web, “ordinary” people could publish their ideas and creations only if they could persuade media gatekeepers (editors, publishers, broadcasters) to give them prominence. But the web has given people a global publishing platform for their writing (Blogger, WordPress, Typepad, Tumblr), photographs (Flickr, Picasa, Facebook), audio and video (YouTube, Vimeo); and people have leapt at the opportunity.”

25 things about the web on its 25th birthday

I like this spot on the list because it shows the positives and negatives of anyone being able to post anything on the web. Sure, you don’t have to deal with anyone giving you permission to do original thing (parodies and reviews have to be careful though), but you are also going to have a harder time getting noticed. While persuading “media gatekeepers” to publish your material, once convinced they become strong allies that help with marketing you and managing your business dealings. Online, you have to furiously advertise yourself to even have a chance of getting any sort of attention for your work.

For a casual producer of content, the web can be an easy place to just dump some of their creative efforts. But for someone serious about producing, and profiting from, creative content it can seem like they’re stuck between a rock (“media gatekeepers”) and a hard place (internet advertising struggles).

Of course, you can do what I’m doing and try to go after both options at once. But the key to all of these is patience and determination! Keep it Reel!

P.S. For all Undertale fans. Reading the post fills you with determination!

Trivia: A Godly Force Needs a Flaming Horse of Course

In my first post on this site, I mentioned that the Archangel Gabriel possessed a flaming horse. It is hard to find mention of this horse anywhere except Wikipedia, but with a bit of internet elbow grease he can be found.

The horse Haizum, according to some Islamic traditions, was given to God’s gift to Gabriel after the archangel did some unnamed task that pleased him. Haizum was said to be a white, fiery, spiritual horse with a pair of wings like Pegasus which he could use to fly from one plane of existence to another in only a second.

This is not the Archangel’s only odd animal companion as Gabriel’s Hounds are apparently flocks of wild geese. Seems like he/she has quite a lot of pets. Though considering Raphael is said to carry around a fish on a stick and Jehudiel (or Jegudiel) carries around a flaming heart in some art, I think Gabriel is pretty happy with the horse and “hounds.”

Sansh’n ‘lglith

Sound the alarm! It’s the first short story post on this blog!

I originally wrote this back in Halloween, but since the rest of my short stories are undergoing some revision I decided to post this one first. This story was inspired by a discussion I had with one of my artist friends and she was inspired by the story to  draw a picture, which I have included.

It’d be awesome if you guys could check out here blogs on Tumblr, she’s really cool. Here’s her art blog: And here’s her main blog:

Please remember to source me and/or her if you repost or reblog any of our stuff. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think of this tale in the comments. Now without further ado, I hope you enjoy the story!

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“Nugget” Asignment

“Often when schools talk to students about their presence on the Web, they do so in terms of digital citizenship: what students need to know in order to use technology “appropriately.” Schools routinely caution students about the things they post on social media, and the tenor of this conversation — particularly as translated by the media — is often tinged with fears that students will be seen “doing bad things” or “saying bad things” that will haunt them forever.”

This paragraph, from this essay, was probably the one that made me realize the, while we surf the web every day, we don’t actually fully grasp what we can do with it. We flitter from one social media website to another like bees or butterflies, but we don’t really have a nest to call our own. We warn others about the dangers of the web, but instead of teaching them how to deal with it and manage the web, we restrict web access or tell them not to go to one website or the other.

It seems kind of like a pool to me. Bare with me on this analogy. What we do everyday on social media is like frolicking in the shallow end. Not much danger unless someone holds you underwater too long. The rest of the web is like the deep end, but instead of teaching us to swim our parents just warn us never to go to that end of the pool or we’ll drown. They may even put up a safety net or distract you with toys to keep you in the shallow end.

But, if you learn to swim and go to the deep end, suddenly you’ve discovered all new ways to have fun in the pool. Yes you can still drown, but since you know how to swim there is less danger than before.

Of course it’s not a perfect one-to-one analogy, but that’s just my two cents, especially after having built this website for myself. Hope you enjoyed my ramblings! Keep it Reel!

Wandering Cyberspace for Outer Space

So for the next part of the website class I had to track my wanderings through the internet of something I’m interested in. So I decided to look up faster-than-light travel on Google. Here is where the breadcrumb trail led.

First post to use the Read More feature.

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Trivia: Phix-it-Phelix

First trivia post, yay! Simple one today.

A popular Greek myth is the tale of Oedipus. The part of the story that interests us today is when our hero encounters the Sphinx. This monster had the head of a woman, the body of a lion, and sometimes a pair of bird wings. She would stop travelers to Thebes and ask them a riddle, nobody had been able to guess it right and so was eaten. Oedipus solved the riddle, but that isn’t the interesting part.

Did you know that the Sphinx in this story actually has a name?

According to the Theogeny, written by Hesiod, the Sphinx that Oedipus defeats is named -drum roll- Phix!

Kind of anti-climactic isn’t it. Like, seriously, that is some Class-A laziness. I’ve heard 10 year-olds come up with more creative names for things. Echidna’s name is silly now because we named an animal after her, but there is no way Phix wasn’t silly back then.

Greek mythology, I love ya man, but you really dropped the ball here.

Phix the Sphinx, in a mythology of grandiose names, I guess someone had to draw the short straw.


Post Numbuh 2

So, time to cover some bases I didn’t get to in my first post. These are some things I need to talk about for my website building class. First, I will put a picture of myself in the About section soon. Next, what would I change about myself and/or the world? Too much darling, too much. Lastly I have learned that according to Google I do not have much of a presence on the web as a whole. That’s fine by me, like I said before I enjoy my privacy. Sorry NSA. Anyway, that’s it for this post. I will be putting up my first trivia post soon. Stay tuned and keep it Reel!

The Fun Has Arrived!

Hello everybody! This is my first post on my new website. Some people in my class are probably confused about why the website isn’t my-name dot com. Well, that’s because its actually my pen name/pseudonym. See, I’m an aspiring author but my real name isn’t very eye catching or cool sounding like J.K. Rowling or C.S. Lewis. So to fix that, and because I like my privacy, I use my pen name: L.B. Reel.

“But why use your author name on a website for blogging?” I hear you ask.

Simple, I want to blog and share my short stories on this website. Many authors nowadays have a personal blog and I want to use this class as an opportunity to get started on that before any of my books that I’m working on are published. I also want to start drawing attention to my writing through my short stories by putting them here and getting some feedback.

I promise short stories aren’t the only thing I’ll publish. I’ll still use this as a blog and once in a while put up some cool trivia I found while researching for my stories. For example, did you know that the Archangel Gabriel has a flaming horse? I’ll expand on that fact at some point.

Please feel free to comment on my posts and don’t be afraid to give honest, constructive criticism on any of my short stories. Many of these stories I haven’t had a chance to really edit with a fine tooth comb, so I welcome the help. The only way to grow as a writer is to get lots of feedback so bring it on!

Anyway, looking forward to building this website! I hope you enjoy it! (Assigned picture post will come soon, more info in About.)

P.S. Fair warning, I love puns. MWAHAHAHA!!!

P.P.S. Just for the google search and inquisitive future fan, my real name is Brian Rael Lazarow

Welcome to my blog! Stay a while and enjoy some stories and trivia.