Picture Perfect Post

As you can no doubt see, the website now has an icon and background art! These were provided by the same talented friend of mine who inspired and drew the art for the Sansh’n ‘lglith short story. I assure you that I will be sending her the money for these commissions soon and I once again encourage you to check out her other work here: Madness Mind Art Blog

In other news, my Spring Semester here at Austin College has started. Due to this, expect posts to be more infrequent than they have been over the past month. I’ll try to get more stuff out soon, and I’ll post trivia on various fun things I find while researching.

One thing I’ve been considering is posting bits of info about my various story worlds and alternate Earths. If you’d be interested in seeing posts like these, please let me know in the comments below.

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Trivia: Seven for the Data-lords in their halls of code

Here’s something a bit more technological than the other trivia pieces. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is an organization responsible for assigning numerical internet address to websites and storing said numbers in a massive database to help add another level of security to those websites. If someone were to gain control of this database, they could essentially rule the web, and if something destroyed the database it could essentially shut down the web. (But that’s not the trivia tidbit, only the build up.)

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DS 106 Assignment #2

Ok, so this post is gonna be a bit weird. See, this is technically an assignment where I could describe how a group of fictional or non-fictional people came together and became friends. However, I already kind of had a story written around this very idea, but it only involved two of the main cast for one of my books. So I’ll be adding some to it.

I don’t expect you guys to understand everything going on in this story, since I haven’t published any of the books in this series. Most of what you need to know is that this story universe takes place in the afterlife and follows a group of young grim reapers as they battle evil and learn how to do their job. This is a quick anecdote of how they became the group of four that we find in the second book. Yes, the second book. The first focuses on only one of them.

Without further ado here is how the young reapers met. I hope you enjoy!

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The Princess and the Guard

Short story time once more!

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This story may one day get expanded upon or given a part two or worked into a novel of mine in some way. I’m not quite sure yet. The fight scene in this still needs some work, but hopefully you can follow it well enough. Warning: this story does contain some blood, violence, and gore, in case you’re sensitive to that sort of thing.

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy this story!

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Wikipedia Editing

Well this was a somewhat tricky assignment.

So, for class, we had to edit or make a page on Wikipedia. I chose to edit a page. You can view the page here. It’s about the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series. Much of what I did was proof-reading cause I had no idea what I could add to this or other pages. It was an interesting experience, but I don’t think I’ll be editing anything else on Wikipedia. Unless it’s a page about me or own of my future works ;).

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Connecting to Classmates Blog Post

Ok, so this is another assigned post, I promise I’ll put some trivia up soon to break up the monotony. But anyway, on with the post!

As a quick side note to my fellow bloggers, don’t forget to use the “read more” feature. It helps navigate between posts and your readers will thank you for using it.

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Knowledge Artifact

So, on this post we’ve been assigned, I’m supposed to teach you all about something I’m interested. At first I had trouble thinking of something to do, but I finally decided to fall back on something very close and very familiar to  me: Dragons!

For almost as long as I can remember, I have loved dragons. Something about these fantastic and varied beasts has always fascinated me. And I’m not alone in this, dragons can be found across the globe and in thousands of cultures who had little to no contact with each other. In fact, people love dragons so much that this was made:

That’s right, an entire documentary on how dragons could have evolved.

What is it about dragons that makes them resonate so deeply with just about every human on planet Earth? What is it that compels us to create entire…

Book series


Movie franchises


And games


all focused in one way or another around these animals?

Some may say it spawns from the countless ancient myths of heroes fighting dragons. But why do so many cultures have such similar myths with such similar creatures? And now, why do we all want to befriend or become these supposed “monsters” that our ancient heroes fought? Where did the dragon start and will it ever end? I certainly hope that dragons never leave.

Personally, if dragons never actually existed, I believe they were created as a physical mirror of both everything we fear and want to be. Consider what dragons can be: wise, powerful, intimidating, nearly unkillable, possessing breath weapons, and can fly. Every man, woman, and child has dreamed of flying. And who hasn’t wanted to roar and suddenly have flames or ice blast out of your lungs? Yet at the same time, the sky is a vast and scary place, and while fire is useful it is also very dangerous.

We send some heroes to conquer these mighty beasts because we too wish to conquer our greatest fears. Other heroes become or befriend dragons because we too wish to become powerful and feared.

Dragons have been with us since the dawn of civilization and will likely be there till our end because they are everything we fear and wish to be given physical form. This is my theory at least. Though I still hope that, somewhere in this vast universe, they truly do exist.

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Love at First Fight

The second short story for this blog. Time to mix things up a bit!

Since I gave you all something suspenseful, full of horror and gore, this time I’ve decided to present one of my more feel-good short stories to show I can cover more than just one genre. This story is really short because I wrote it for a flash fiction contest and the max word count was 1000 words. Which isn’t a lot of room to write with.

Still, I think it turned out pretty well and I hope you enjoy it! Please remember to share this with others, credit me if you do share it, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and subscribe if you have not done so. Have fun!

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