The Fun Has Arrived!

Hello everybody! This is my first post on my new website. Some people in my class are probably confused about why the website isn’t my-name dot com. Well, that’s because its actually my pen name/pseudonym. See, I’m an aspiring author but my real name isn’t very eye catching or cool sounding like J.K. Rowling or C.S. Lewis. So to fix that, and because I like my privacy, I use my pen name: L.B. Reel.

“But why use your author name on a website for blogging?” I hear you ask.

Simple, I want to blog and share my short stories on this website. Many authors nowadays have a personal blog and I want to use this class as an opportunity to get started on that before any of my books that I’m working on are published. I also want to start drawing attention to my writing through my short stories by putting them here and getting some feedback.

I promise short stories aren’t the only thing I’ll publish. I’ll still use this as a blog and once in a while put up some cool trivia I found while researching for my stories. For example, did you know that the Archangel Gabriel has a flaming horse? I’ll expand on that fact at some point.

Please feel free to comment on my posts and don’t be afraid to give honest, constructive criticism on any of my short stories. Many of these stories I haven’t had a chance to really edit with a fine tooth comb, so I welcome the help. The only way to grow as a writer is to get lots of feedback so bring it on!

Anyway, looking forward to building this website! I hope you enjoy it! (Assigned picture post will come soon, more info in About.)

P.S. Fair warning, I love puns. MWAHAHAHA!!!

P.P.S. Just for the google search and inquisitive future fan, my real name is Brian Rael Lazarow

Welcome to my blog! Stay a while and enjoy some stories and trivia.