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DS 106 Assignment #2

Ok, so this post is gonna be a bit weird. See, this is technically an assignment where I could describe how a group of fictional or non-fictional people came together and became friends. However, I already kind of had a story written around this very idea, but it only involved two of the main cast for one of my books. So I’ll be adding some to it.

I don’t expect you guys to understand everything going on in this story, since I haven’t published any of the books in this series. Most of what you need to know is that this story universe takes place in the afterlife and follows a group of young grim reapers as they battle evil and learn how to do their job. This is a quick anecdote of how they became the group of four that we find in the second book. Yes, the second book. The first focuses on only one of them.

Without further ado here is how the young reapers met. I hope you enjoy!

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Wikipedia Editing

Well this was a somewhat tricky assignment.

So, for class, we had to edit or make a page on Wikipedia. I chose to edit a page. You can view the page here. It’s about the last book in the Heroes of Olympus series. Much of what I did was proof-reading cause I had no idea what I could add to this or other pages. It was an interesting experience, but I don’t think I’ll be editing anything else on Wikipedia. Unless it’s a page about me or own of my future works ;).

I will be posting another short story later today, so keep an eye out for that! Keep it Reel!

Connecting to Classmates Blog Post

Ok, so this is another assigned post, I promise I’ll put some trivia up soon to break up the monotony. But anyway, on with the post!

As a quick side note to my fellow bloggers, don’t forget to use the “read more” feature. It helps navigate between posts and your readers will thank you for using it.

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