Update (End of June)

Hey there friends and fictional folk. I’m so sorry that there’s no new issue of The Mythic Naga this week. I know I left you guys on a cliffhanger, but between the DFW Writer’s Conference and now my backup laptop having keyboard issues, I have absolutely no time to crank out anything well written in time.

Honestly, it is ridiculous how much the month of June just wants to screw me over in terms of computers. I swear, I have suddenly become Newt Pulsifer from Good Omens. If you guys haven’t read that book or seen the Amazon Prime miniseries, you need to!

Anyway, with luck this computer curse does not continue for too long, but it has brought to my attention that my updating schedule needs an update itself. So starting next Tuesday, The Mythic Naga will update every other week. This will give me some room to breathe in case of emergency and will allow me time to work on my novels. Sorry again to all of you for any inconvenience and thank you for supporting my work!

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