DNN Final Project


Finally! It is done!

Sorry it took so long to get this out. Between school and the amount of editing this took, I’m just barely scraping in the deadline.

Anyway, here is “The Chase.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R92XzQmKr6M

An interactive fiction by yours truly.

Fair warning, because YouTube is being mean right now some of the links to the next videos are in boxes and others are up in the little “i” shaped icon.

Author’s Statement below

Due to my limited knowledge of editing and limited sound library, this video probably looks amateurish, but it still turned out mostly alright. If YouTube hadn’t suddenly changed its formatting around the time of posting, I also probably could have had boxes with links to the next video in the list in the way I wanted it.

In terms of digital storytelling themes it is clearly sequential because it proceeds from video to video pretty linearly. There isn’t really a serial aspect to this project since it was all published at once and won’t really have a sequel. No multiple pricinea either since this is firmly a video only. It is however heavily interactive since the audience chooses their path in the story and its anchored on the problem of being chased by what most would call zombies.

Inspirations for this project were the app Twine and my Twine story,  interactive videos on YouTube such as “Take the Knife,” and the Real Life First Person Shooter video.

Here are the links:


Serving as the plot inspiration for the interactive video, this text based game is also interactive and follows roughly the same course as the videos. The main differences are the type of media, text as opposed to video, and some of the more detailed plot choices. This text adventure also features a health system while the videos just have instant deaths.


This video is a choose your own adventure much like my own, though with a very different plot. It was also made by a much more skilled filmmaker, video editor, and YouTube user as it actually has the boxes I was hoping for in mine. I stumbled across it one day whilst browsing YouTube and it lead to my fascination with interactive fiction in a video format.


This is where I got the inspiration for making the game shot in the first person and have the player face “zombies.” Of course, the difference here is that this video is of people instructing someone over chat about what to do and is not interactable by the audience of YouTube. It also contains many weapons and nearly unlimited choices while my video is very much limited in choices and contains only one weapon.

In lieu of all this, my interactive video puts you into the shoes of a vulnerable nobody in the middle of getting chased by “zombies,” supplying more fear than any text or any video with a protagonist with guns. It also allows for a game that keeps you on your toes as opposed to “Take the Knife” which allows for slow, thoughtful choice making.

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