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Trivia: Phix-it-Phelix

First trivia post, yay! Simple one today.

A popular Greek myth is the tale of Oedipus. The part of the story that interests us today is when our hero encounters the Sphinx. This monster had the head of a woman, the body of a lion, and sometimes a pair of bird wings. She would stop travelers to Thebes and ask them a riddle, nobody had been able to guess it right and so was eaten. Oedipus solved the riddle, but that isn’t the interesting part.

Did you know that the Sphinx in this story actually has a name?

According to the Theogeny, written by Hesiod, the Sphinx that Oedipus defeats is named -drum roll- Phix!

Kind of anti-climactic isn’t it. Like, seriously, that is some Class-A laziness. I’ve heard 10 year-olds come up with more creative names for things. Echidna’s name is silly now because we named an animal after her, but there is no way Phix wasn’t silly back then.

Greek mythology, I love ya man, but you really dropped the ball here.

Phix the Sphinx, in a mythology of grandiose names, I guess someone had to draw the short straw.