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Sansh’n ‘lglith (Updated)

This is a repost of a short story I did a while back. As it turns out my friend’s art continues to inspire me and I made a few edits to the story as well as including another piece of art she did based on the new edits.

Along the same line of thought, this will not be the only short story set in this universe and I hope to compile a whole anthology of short stories in this universe together with my friend’s art. It might take a long while, but keep an eye out for more news on that.

By the way, here is a link to my friend’s tumblr art blog so you can enjoy her stuff without my yammerings: http://mm-chibi.tumblr.com/

Now without further ado, darkness the room and enjoy the creeping horror!

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Sansh’n ‘lglith

Sound the alarm! It’s the first short story post on this blog!

I originally wrote this back in Halloween, but since the rest of my short stories are undergoing some revision I decided to post this one first. This story was inspired by a discussion I had with one of my artist friends and she was inspired by the story to  draw a picture, which I have included.

It’d be awesome if you guys could check out here blogs on Tumblr, she’s really cool. Here’s her art blog: http://madness-mind-dark-dreams.tumblr.com/. And here’s her main blog: http://madness-mind-twisted-obsessions.tumblr.com/

Please remember to source me and/or her if you repost or reblog any of our stuff. Don’t be afraid to tell me what you think of this tale in the comments. Now without further ado, I hope you enjoy the story!

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