Trivia: Hot as Hell

It’s time for some trivia!

Since we’ve already had two posts about angels, I felt it was time to look at their spiritual counterpart: Demons.

Specifically, I want to look at one of my favorite demons. His name is Adramelech.

Why is he one of my favorites?

Well lets start with his physical features. Like most demons or angels created by medieval European scholars, his body is pretty weird. You’ve got a donkey’s head, a muscular human torso, a peacock’s tail complete with massive tail feathers, and legs that are part donkey and part peacock. Gee! I wonder what the symbolism here means! (That was sarcasm)

Despite his ridiculous appearance, he’s a pretty high-ranking and powerful demon. Fighting alongside his fellow demon Asmodeus, it took the combined power of Uriel (Archangel of war) and Raphael (Archangel of a whole bunch of stuff) to take them down.

Once in Hell, Adramelech was able to establish himself as the President of the Senate of Demons and the Chancellor of Hell. (For those of you wondering how Hell has a president or chancellor if Satan is king there, Hell’s governmental structure is so jumbled and weird that I might have to devote an extra long trivia post just to puzzle it out.)

Yet none of these accomplishments and titles compare to his highest honor. Adramelech, President and Chancellor of Hell, is also the supervisor of Satan’s wardrobe.

That’s right. Not only does Satan have an official fashion consultant, but said consultant is also one of the head governmental figures in Hell!

That’s like if the Pope had his outfits picked out in advance by one of the top-tier bishops. It’s one of the funniest details in demonic lore ever!

And with a wardrobe supervisor that looks like Adramelech, you know Satan must look FABULOUS!

Keep it Reel everyone!

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