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Ok, so this is another assigned post, I promise I’ll put some trivia up soon to break up the monotony. But anyway, on with the post!

As a quick side note to my fellow bloggers, don’t forget to use the “read more” feature. It helps navigate between posts and your readers will thank you for using it.

“As I read through the article on the “Dynabook”, I was astounded at how much of the proposed features have already been made possible today. Programming and problem solving skills are already prevalent in numerous applications on all modern laptops, iPads, tablets, and smartphones.”–Steven Jacob


I always love looking back at the first drafts and predecessors of modern ideas and devices. It can show how far we’ve come and that always makes me happy. Who knows, in some alternate timeline we could all be carrying around the latest Dyna-book tablet or Dyna-phone 6. There better be an equivalent to the Ipod Mini called the Dyna-mite.


—”1973. Paula Smith coins the term “Mary Sue” in her parody “A Trekkie’s Tale” to refer to an over-the-top perfect female original character in a piece of fanfiction

—197?. the word “slash” to refer to stories built around gay romance is believed to originate with stories depicting romance between Kirk and Spock, abbreviated K/S.”–Sarah Paulos


I had no idea that this is where those terms came from. I’d always wondered why in the world they were called slash fics. No I don’t read slash fics, I’ve just seen that term while browsing through fanfiction summaries. Now the only things left to find out are 1. How did the term “lemon” get started? and 2. Who then came up with the term Gary Stu?


“I blog keeping in mind that there’s a possibility that others may read my work. If my ideas were truly only for me, I’d keep them private, in a journal or something, because that’s just what I find appropriate. Private and public thoughts get separate domains. Maybe later those private thoughts become public, but not before getting lots of scrutiny.”–Shardae White


I very much agree with this paragraph and it’s often why I get frustrated with social media. People should take more time to think about what they’re saying or posting before posting it, whether its for grammatical correctness or appropriateness of ideas. We have the freedom of speech, but what we say has great power, and with great power comes great responsibility. A responsibility that people often forget or outright ignore. This is the same frustration I have with many fellow aspiring authors who don’t seem to grasp the concept that you write for everyone, not just yourself. If you only care about expressing yourself without considering how other people are going to read it, then what comes out just sounds like incoherent ramblings and drivel (sorry, minor rant over).

This assignment was a little tricky, but reasonably enjoyable. Trivia post soon to come (once I remember what it was supposed to be about)! Keep it Reel!

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  1. I’ve gone back and forth on the “read more” issue, but it’s probably not a bad idea. Thanks for pointing that out.

    “…you write for everyone, not just yourself.” I don’t know if all of our writing has to be “for everyone,” though writing that is done in public is obviously open to everyone in principle. But I think there can be diverse intentionalities in our writing practices and in what we post on our blogs. In many cases, it’s a false opposition…to write for ourselves is exactly the form of writing that will attract an audience, and perhaps that audience helps us to clarify and deepen what we want to say.

    Glad you found the task “reasonably enjoyable.” That’s the best kind of enjoyment, right?

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