DS 106 Assignment #1

For this assignment, I chose to make a resume for a fictional character. I chose Percy Jackson from Rick Riordan’s various book series (seriously, Percy is in nearly all of them in some way).

This is how I did it-

First I entered Microsoft Word and chose on of it’s resume templates. Then I did lots of research on the character, just to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything.

Now, in a normal resume, you would be very detailed about nearly every section while also putting the best positive spin to it. I had to be a bit more vague since some details wouldn’t quite fit or just couldn’t be found (i.e. his exact mailing address). I also added some classic Percy snark to it for flavor, even though you wouldn’t dare be snarky in an official resume.

Lastly, I fast forwarded the character some years and made some educated guesses about where he might end up. I really only did this for the part on his education, but I still needed to mention that in case someone got confused about where I got some of the listed information.

Here is the finished product:

Percy Jackson Resume

This was fun and simple, but I do think it actually helps puts the resume I’m working on for myself into a manageable perspective.

Anyway, ds 106 Assignment #2 hopefully soon to come. Keep it Reel!

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