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New Website I Work For

Hey everyone!

Check out this website I’ve started writing articles for!

It’s a fantastic resource for movie reviews, comic book reviews, and tons of geeky news.

I’ll update my own website whenever I publish an article.

DNN Reviews

DNN 39 Clues Review (Edited)

When I first experienced an ARG (Alternative Reality Game), I was young and had never even heard the term, yet I was fascinated by experiencing a story across multiple forms of media. This first ARG of mine, was the series of children’s books known as “The 39 Clues.”

DNN Reviews

Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review (Edit)

No one gives news like B. Reel,

Makes reviews like B. Reel,

No one gives a spoiler warning or two like B. Reel!

I’m especially good with EXPOSITING things!

My what a guy L. B. Reel!


Review–The Pillars of Reality (Series)

Don your Mechanic’s jackets and twist the World Illusion. It’s time for some steampunk, science-fantasy action!



Review–Monster Hunter: International

Load up your silver bullets and strap on your wooden stakes, everybody. We gonna hunt us some monsters!

Monster Hunter International