DNN Design Prospectus

Here is the beginning of my final project for the final project of my Digital Networked Narratives class. Hopefully the “mindmup” link will let everyone see the story map.


Log Line:

The goal of this project is to combine videos, choose-your-own-adventure scenarios, and video games into an interactive video for free consumption by the general public. This is to prove that interactive videos can be used to tell types of stories in genres such as horror, action, and adventure.



GoPro camera and accessories

Access to the Ida Green building

4 to 6 people

Access to the editing suite

YouTube account



April 18 and April 19: Filming

April 20—May 5: Editing and Re-filming

May 6—May 11: Posting to YouTube and dealing with any problems with posting

One thought on “DNN Design Prospectus”

  1. This should work. Just make sure you have a good list of individual shots and the major action that occurs in each of them so you don’t forget any little details in the execution.

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