DNN Music Video


Hey everyone, this is another project for my DNN class. It’s a music video of footage compiled from my college’s Classic’s club Sword Fighting Tournament. I hope you all can easily watch the video and enjoy it!


Keep it Reel!

One thought on “DNN Music Video

  1. I know we’re going to do some thinking about how to incorporate this video footage in the course, but some thoughts just on first viewing:

    – There is little coordination in this cut between the music and the edits (if any): consider another cut in which the cuts happen more in rhythm to the beat of the music.

    – What if this were more of a remix in the sense that you were to use other video and/or images to provide some kind of commentary on the action? Like GIFs inserted into the video to provide an emotional reaction to certain moments?

    – What if the video weren’t simply a single song, but rather a mashup (not literally, but sequentially) of different kinds of songs: ballet, Game of Thrones score, banjo picking, etc.?

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