Iron Man Analysis

Here’s an analysis of how I think the Marvel comic books can tell us how Iron Man in the MCU is going to develop. Temple…

Death Note Adaptation Review

Hey Everyone! Here’s my latest Review on Temple of Geek covering the recent Netflix adaptation of Death Note. Hope you enjoy!

Thanos: A History

New post on the site I work for. Click for my theory about Thanos in Infinity War!

New Website I Work For

Hey everyone! Check out this website I’ve started writing articles for! It’s a fantastic resource for movie reviews, comic book reviews, and tons of…

Sansh’n ‘lglith (Updated)

This is a repost of a short story I did a while back. As it turns out my friend’s art continues to inspire me and…

Mass Updates

Hey everyone, check through some previous posts and look for edits that have been made. They should be easy to spot, but if not I’ll…

DNN Remix Video

Here’s my remix video for Digital Networked Narratives. I tried using three different famous pieces of music over the same clips one after the…

DNN Final Project

Finally! It is done! Sorry it took so long to get this out. Between school and the amount of editing this took, I’m just barely…

DNN Interactive Fiction (Now with Author’s Statement)

Hopefully this html link works. This is a choose your own adventure story with two factors worked into it, a health and an inventory system.…

DNN GIF Update

Hopefully this gif comes out the way I wanted to. I always liked gifs that were cyclical but you can’t tell where it begins or ends.…